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I started learning T’ai Chi Chih® by accident! When I was looking for a suitable space for a Reiki Share, I was invited to view a lovely garden room. It belonged to Tina, who taught her T’ai Chi Chih ® classes there. I jumped at the chance to learn the practice, loved the feeling of peace and calm it gave me, so vowed to become a teacher.


Fast forward two years, my fellow student, Laurin and I were  ready to travel to the USA for our Teacher Accreditation course from 1/11th March 2018, just when the “Beast from the East” was due to hit the UK! 


On our return, I began setting up classes in and around Banbury. I set up several public classes and, as I am a tutor with the Oxfordshire Recovery College, also helped our teacher, Tina, to deliver the T’ai Chi and Wellbeing course that she had created, to people recovering from mental health issues.

As we only have five accredited teachers in the UK, my mission is not only to introduce the practice to my community, but to encourage more people to consider training to become teachers. Laurin and I worked together to create the T’ai Chi Chih® Discovery Workshop, designed especially for wellbeing coaches and complementary therapists, which we planned to take on a UK tour. That was just before the Covid 19 pandemic invaded the UK, completely derailing our plans!


During the various lockdowns, I transferred my classes onto zoom, which is a really effective wayof learning and practising T’ai Chi Chih®.


Although I am based in the centre of the UK, the exciting thing about teaching online, is that it demolishes geographical barriers, allowing me to teach students across the whole of Europe.  So currently I am teaching a group of student teachers across the UK and Europe on zoom.  I look forward to them becoming accredited teachers in 2022.


 I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you in the very near future. So, do sign up for my newsletter to hear about new classes and events - and receive a video of the first move to try for yourself.


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